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Indoor Fountains

  • Indoor fountains bring a soothing ambiance and beauty to any home or business. Whether you’re looking for a wall mounted, floor standing or tabletop model, Serenity Health’s water features are sure to add value and beauty. We carry indoor fountains are made by leading manufacturers such as Sunnydaze, Kenroy Home, Alpine, HoMedics and Adagio to enhance any residential or commercial setting. You can see by many of the lifestyle images of our products that fountains truly add a decorative beauty to any room.
  • Indoor waterfalls and fountains bring a special ambiance to any room in which they are placed. One of the many benefits is the soothing water sounds it creates helping to melt away the stresses of your day and relax you. An interior water fountain can also help spruce up the Decor of any room by adding beauty that complements your home. Interior designers have been using water features like fountains and waterfalls inside homes for years. Water makes people come together and truly provides a sense of calmness. You’ll never want to turn your fountain off and your new Decor will make any room the favorite room in the house! Whether you choose a small indoor fountain or a large interior waterfall, you will be amazed at how striking it will be in your home!
  • One of the benefits of these indoor water fountains is that they are electric so you can plug them in anywhere and they will run 24/7 using very little electricity. Because of this, you can enjoy them all day and evening. Essentially, all indoor water fountains come as “kits”. Everything you need is included in the kit except the water. To get started, put them together (minimal assembly), fill them up and plug them in to any electrical outlet. An added benefit is that any tabletop fountain and most floor standing models are portable so you can move them from room to room or tabletop to desk with ease.

Tabletop Fountains

Achieve Serenity In The Smallest Of Spaces With A Tabletop Fountain

Perfect for kitchens, dens, offices, bedrooms and living rooms
Constructed using a variety of materials including copper, resin, polystone, fiberglass, ceramic and slate
Many different styles ranging from modern and contemporary to Asian Zen

Floor-Standing Fountains

Find Relaxation By Adding A Floor Fountain To Your Home's Living Space

Great additions to foyers, offices, hallways and other living spaces
Attractive materials like glass, acrylic, slate, stainless steel and copper
Choose from cascading, center mount, flush mount, freestanding, tiered and waterfall styles

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Outdoor Fountains

  • Few things soothe like running water. If you don’t happen to have a meandering stream in your yard, there’s another way to harness water’s therapeutic benefits: a garden fountain. It provides the same calming qualities and can dramatically lift the look of your landscape.
  • Styles run from classical tiered towers to contemporary orbs, and a fountain’s design speaks to more than aesthetics; the architecture determines how the water flows and the music it creates, from a splashing that drubs out street noise to a bubbling that provides a subtle background score to patio conversation.
  • On the flip side, the way the water moves and catches light has a lot to do with the feature’s visual appeal. Water sheeting off a colorful, rounded urn is more playful than a forceful stream pouring from basin to basin.
  • You pick a fountain for its looks, but knowing the options in materials can streamline the search. Glazed ceramics come in colors that pop; lightweight fiberglass can be elaborately shaped; cast concrete looks just like stone.

Tiered Fountain

These water features offer a classic styling. There is just something magical about water cascading from one level to the next. Many of these varieties are a significant size, and some even have a large pool at the bottom. They are ideal for creating a focal point in the front yard.
This is a very popular form of garden fountain, particularly in the Mediterranean where they can often be found in courtyards and plazas.
A tiered fountain can be designed in a simple form or a more complex one with elaborate carvings, mouldings and other ornamentation. The water is pumped up to the top of the fountain through the core and then cascades down over the tiers to the bottom reservoir where it is recirculated.

Wall Fountain

You don’t need to have a castle with a moat and drawbridge to mount a water wall on the exterior of your home, but it will make you seem a little more mysterious to your neighbors.
This type of fountain is customised to fit a wall and can be either freestanding or wall-mounted. A freestanding wall fountain is often quite large and has a basin that is placed on the ground.
Whereas, a mounted wall fountain is built into an existing or new wall. Both types require a spout, basin, internal piping or tubing and a pump.

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